Meeting Rooms


Meetings are the most common in any business and you will have to conduct meetings with your clients quite often. The atmosphere and surroundings of a meeting places should support healthy discussions to finalize a deal in your favour. SBC offers excellent meeting rooms in New Jersey, USA to conduct your business meetings and also offer many other related services.




Our Special Features


Comfortable Seating

Everyone should be seated comfortably to be attentive and serious in a meeting. SBC provides meeting rooms with a seating for 3 or 4 persons with enough space to sit comfortably.

Video Calling Facility

Meeting rooms are provided with high quality video calling facilities to communicate with clients at remote locations.

Prime Location

We offer the most esteemed location for your office with fortune 100 companies having their office at a walkable distance with all necessary facilities and amenities.

Projector for Meeting Rooms

Presentations are required to convey the point clearly and also to convince the client. SBC meeting rooms are equipped with projectors to conduct powerpoint presentations.

Reception Support

Spacion Business Center has a group of experts to assist you in conducting your meeting smoothly. We also extend the expertise of our team to those who use our meeting room facilities.


A marathon of meetings will be boring. Nothing to worry about as SBC provides facilities for refreshments including tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

Internet Access

Internet has become an important part of our life and it is also helpful. SBC provides high speed internet access in our meeting rooms.

White Board and Markers

When you stress on a point, it is better if you write it rather than speaking will make it better to understand. In our meeting rooms you will be provided with white boards and markers to make your point clear to the client by drawing or writing.


If the meeting continues for a long period of time you may have to take care of your clients’ food. We also provide catering facility to serve you delicious food.

Audio Video Support

Audio video support is provided in SBC meeting rooms which will make your presentation effective.

Team Support

SBC is not only about renting the meeting room to you but also provides necessary supports. We have a group of experts in different aspects and you have the freedom to make use of their expertise in conducting the meeting smoothly.