Things to be taken care of while taking an office space for rent

Hyderabad is experiencing a steady growth in all sectors and according to many economists, this is the right time to invest. Demonetization seems to have no influence in the business sector of Hyderabad as it is as vibrant as ever before. Although Hyderabad enjoys the reputation as one of the major IT hubs in India, many other sectors including real estate, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology etc are also experiencing a boom.

Presence of many large scale industries and many national and international biggies in business is a supportive factor for the growth of small industries. Similarly, the business friendly policies of the state government also are helping the growth of small businesses in this city. This could be the of the reasons behind the mushrooming of many startups in the recent past.

When you are planning to start an office, the first step is to set up an office. An office is the brain of the business and it can make or mar a business. You should be very careful while setting up an office. Here are a few tips that may help you to set up an ideal office

Location Of Office Space

Location of the office is very important in any business. It should be closer to the market and at the same time it should not be too far from your residence. This will help in cutting down on travelling time. However, you should look for a prestigious location. For example an office space in Madhapur will certainly enhance the image of your organisation than an office in any other lesser known localities of Hyderabad.


You will have a prestigious address when you opt for an office in a prime location but you should search for locations with easy to find landmarks. For example if you have an office in Madhapur, unless you can locate it easily it will be of no use.


Interior designing of an office has a great role in influencing the clients. Even if you take an office space for rent in Madhapur or in any other prominent localities of Hyderabad, a bad interior can mar your business. The interior designing including the color of walls should be supportive to allure your clients. A Professional touch should be visible in all spheres. Thus creating the first impression of your clients as the best impression.

Lighting and Ventilation

Proper lighting and ventilation is needed to work efficiently. Lack of adequate lighting and ventilation will certainly affect the quality of work and thus leave a negative impact on the productivity.

The best option, is to take a plug and play office space for rent in Hyderabad offered by any of the business centres. They, certainly will have a professional look and are also located in prime locations. Besides, you can save a lot of initial investment which otherwise you will have to spend on setting up an office.