Professional Meeting Rooms in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has grown fast to become one of the major financial centres and business hubs in India. From a conservative town in 1980’s, the capital city of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh has risen to become one of the major IT hubs in India during the late 1990’s. This trend continued for a long time and by mid of the first decade of this century, it has become a modern, cosmopolitan city with a large number of business establishments operating here.

At the moment the city has many known business houses from different sectors which include IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Electronics etc located here. Hyderabad has found a prominent place in the international business map.

During its evolution from a sleepy town to a major business destination, the business community in Hyderabad has also changed a lot and adopted many international business practices. Out of the many new business practices, the change of the venue for business meetings is a major one.

Although the business meetings between the customer and the vendor was regarded as an important part of business even in the past, it was not organized professionally as it is being done today. Meetings were conducted either in the office of the client or in the office of the vendor. Now, this practice has changed and professional meeting rooms in Hyderabad have become the most favorite venues for conducting business meetings.

Many business centres have come up in different prominent localities in the city offering meeting rooms for rent. They are providing many facilities for conducting meetings smoothly and some of them are listed below.

  • Neatly decorated and fully furnished rooms with well arranged furniture which allows four or five persons to sit comfortably and conduct the meeting.
  • High-speed internet connection and intercom are also provided for easy and effective communication.
  • Telephone and fax facility are available in the premises.
  • Printers, photo copiers etc are also available.
  • Overhead projectors are available for conducting powerpoint presentations.
  • Snacks and beverages may be served inside the room and lunch will be arranged on demand.
  • Personal assistance and clerical assistance will be provided to conduct presentations and also to prepare documents.

There are many agencies in Hyderabad offering meeting room rental services apart from different business centres that are offering meeting rooms for rent directly. There are different packages to suit the needs of different clients. It is better to visit the business centre first to assess the services and facilities provided by them before opting for any of them. You should take a look at the different packages available. Many of the business centres offer hourly packages also. Meeting rooms in will be cheaper when compared to star hotels.