Myths and Truths about Serviced Offices

The term “Serviced Offices” has come into recognition in the business circles recently. Although the concept of serviced offices is gaining popularity many business professionals do not have a clear idea about this concept. There are many myths that are being circulated and similarly, there are many false rumours also. This article is meant to clear those misunderstandings and let people know about the truth of serviced offices in Hyderabad or anywhere in India.

Myths and Truths about Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices in Madhapur

Myth: Business Centres Charge more than the prevailing rent

This is completely a false statement and the truth is that the rent of a serviced office will be lesser than that of an individual office in the same area, facilities and located in the same area. In serviced offices, you do not have to spend money for purchasing furniture or for providing facilities like electricity and internet connection. Thus you can avoid a lot of initial expenditure. When you consider this fact, they are very cost effective.

Myth: Maintenance is Poor in Business Centre

This is another false rumour about business centres. Most of the business centres offer very flexible terms and conditions for rent and the clients have all the right to cancel it without losing anything. In such case, if proper service is not provided, which establishment will want to continue in the same premises? Moreover, quite a good number of business centres are coming up offering serviced offices in Madhapur and other prime locations in Hyderabad. In order to sustain the hectic competition, one will have to provide the best service.

Myth: Business Centres Provide Facilities of Low Quality

As all are aware, many multinational companies are heading towards Hyderabad and most of the business centres offering serviced offices for rent in Hyderabad target these foreign companies. When you want to attract a foreign client, you should provide facilities on par with international standards. Hence the business centres in Hyderabad have world class serviced offices.

Myth: You will not Get Privacy

This allegation is coming out of ignorance about serviced offices. Usually, serviced offices will have an independent entrance and maximum privacy will be provided. Business centres offer facilities such as professional meeting rooms in the same premises to conduct highly confidential business meetings.

Myth: Getting Mandatory Registrations Will be Difficult

Most of the business centres in Hyderabad offer many value-added business services including mandatory registrations for your business. Along with hiring serviced offices, you will be entitled to enjoy the service of the team of experts offered by business centres for a nominal fee.

Myth: Will Show you in Poor Light

In earlier days, the business sector in Hyderabad was conservative and could not think beyond individual offices. Now, the concept of serviced offices has changed a lot and having a prime postal address is regarded as the most important thing. By hiring serviced offices in Hyderabad, you can enjoy the benefits of having a prime postal address for a less investment.