6 Things to consider before renting a Serviced Office

Finalizing on an office space is not easy because it represents the reputation of your company and gives it an address. If it is going to take time for your business to grow and you want to save time and money, serviced offices are the best solution solution as they provide you with exactly what you need. The idea of a serviced office is to provide a fully furnished office with equipment. Not all serviced offices are the same and you will have to compare and select the most appropriate for you depending on the requirement.. Here is a list of things to verify before finalizing on a serviced office.

Serviced Office


6 Things to consider before renting a Serviced Office

Location :

The address of your office represents the reputation of the company and you will have to find a serviced office that is located in a prime location. Every city has an area where all the top of the line companies have established their offices and having your office in a location like that will give you added advantages. Make sure the location of the office is not remote as accessing it for your employees and clients should not be a task. For example if you are looking for serviced offices in Hyderabad, Madhapur is the ideal location to set up your office.

Building Structure :  

Once you are satisfied with the location, look at the building structure. Ask yourself, Does it have parking? And do you have 24/7 access to the office? If the answer is yes then you are on the right track. Also find out about the security and ensure it is secure, enquire about the age of the building and the safety of the structure.

Office Facilities :

Enquire about all the facilities the office provides and their cost. Starting with  the office space, make sure that the office layout is suitable for your business. If they provide furniture, check the condition of it. The next thing to consider is, whether the office has a separate room for you to set up your personal office room and a meeting room. Check the equipment in the meeting room like the projector, screen and video calling facility is available. Check if there is a cafeteria for added benefit to your employees and clients.

Connectivity :

Every business nowadays rely on an internet connection to run their business. A good serviced office must have the facility of an internet connection. Check the speed and decide if it is suitable for your business.

IT Support :

The technology used for your business like computers, printers, scanners, fax machine etc. need to be maintained and if there is any technical issue, you’ll need IT support to get the computers to work again. The IT support team must be available to assist you during working hours.

Costs and Hidden Costs :

The main idea of a serviced office is to cut down on costs. Find out about other overhead costs in detail. Remember to read the fine print in the contract before deciding on anything. It would be safer to consult your lawyer to read the contract to give you a better understanding of it.The smartest way to save money is to collect information on a number of serviced offices to compare and finalize the best which suits your budget.