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  • +9140 4333 4999

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  • Spacion Business Centre,

  • Hitech City | Financial District, Hyderabad.

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Benefits of Shared Office Space in 2018

Are you planning an office for a startup company? Or planning to expand your experienced business. An office to call your own will be nice to hear, for budget-conscious and fast-growing startup both plentiful and profound are the advantages to use a shared office or coworking space. Some of the Benefits of shared office space are listed below .

What Are The Benefits of Working in a Shared Office Space?

Low Overhead:

It’s costly and time-consuming endeavor, even a temporary one, for a new office. So many go with cheaper one, moreover when it comes to office furnishings it is not better going with cheaper. Don’t get panic about mundane things like setting up utilities or furniture issues. The newest bottom-rack set might seem appealing at the time, but surprisingly a wobbly table or an uncomfortable chair can impede productivity in shared office space . Shared office spaces free you from all these burden of furnishing, most packages includes essential services like access to Wi-Fi, phone services and printing facilities and while purchasing you may spend much on expensive hardware (laptops and similar) yourself. In shared office spaces furnishing tend to carry a far greater value, and private office would be above and beyond reach of modern and professional aesthetic are offered by office space. Low overhead is another significant community of benefit of a shared office space

Existing IT Infrastructure:

Many of the young business companies, this can be problematic, with small budget and very few employees, finding a space for IT services can be next to impossible. A solution to this problem is offered by Shared Office Space, as they have dedicated on-site IT support. Not only does, shared office space protect as a net from any problems regarding office works and it the easy and quick process to start a company before the expected time. It makes your complete work of office very simple and makes you free to concentrate on work with in low interest support in an efficient and timely manner. .

Flexibility of a Short Lease:

This is one of the important benefits of shared office space. Now-a-days dynamic and shifting is in market, were these trends reflecting to your business practice more. Shared Office space provides you the best appropriate package to your needs, an hourly rate permanent hot desk from temporary office, closed office. Month-to-month needs will be changed, so this private lease is more advantage and benefactor which may not even disturb your limited budget or schedule.

Networking Opportunities:

Networking Opportunities means coworking space that is social and dynamic. Shared Office space creates an atmosphere that you’re other tenants will get closer in contact, but it should be detriment. Quite opposite: very high compatibility among their clients which leads to collaboration, progress and innovation many are reported in shared office space. This shared office opportunity avails yourself; many people get in touch with you in many cases will make you imagine that you are working beside but not as separate. Coworking tenants will make partnerships with one another by utilizing the services in vise versa.


Choosing to work in Shared office space is to choose insurance and peace of mind but it might be obvious at time of starting. Fairly sophisticated entrance technology is used in most of the office spaces, whether it may be card access or biometric or even round-the-clock desk security. Knowing that your affairs are conducted in a secure environment you can rest easy.

Access to Mentors and Resources:

This is also important Benefit of Shared Office Space. Onsite mentors access is offered in some of the shared office spaces. In certain start-ups they provide mentoring, oversight, valuable resources and strategy as well as opportunity to invest on them. Mentors are entrepreneurs so they are available to work closely with other members in that office space. Here are some of the additional resources available below are:

  • 1. Fast internet access
  • 2. Access to confidential/conference rooms
  • 3. USPS mailing address
  • 4. Local and long distance phone in conference rooms
  • 5. Printer/Copier/Scanner capabilities and
  • 6. Free parking

Encourages Serendipity:

Some of the coworking community calls Encourages Serendipity as ‘Accelerate Serendipity’. Surprising you will lead to new clients, new resources and even new investors to help your work done in time or even before by these shared office space. Encourages Serendipity is a best community Benefits of Shared Office Space in another way.


These are just a few benefits of Shared Office Space. Streamlined and adaptable, designed to meet the needs of modern business. Fresh/start-up and experienced businesses to adhere to professional models while keeping the cost down and minimizing extra works on your part which makes you free and focus on remaining works peacefully. For further details you check our website www.spacion.net

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